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Burlington, VT 05401

My Work

I try to put a contemporary spin on ancient designs, as I’m influenced by both ethnic artifacts and current fashion trends. I’m fascinated by the way things are put together: patched, hinged, riveted, stitched, wrapped and often incorporate such connections in my pieces.  I gather inspiration from a pattern on a textile; the texture of a leaf; beautiful, old rusty things. 

My designs fuse old and new, industrial and natural, urban and ethnic. I work with high quality and ethically sourced materials and recycled silver including: PMC (Precious Metal Clay), 24k gold, sterling, copper, brass, semi-precious stones, found objects, leather and feathers. Through all of this craftsmanship is key, which causes me to think about every part of a piece, the back must be as compelling as the front.  For that reason most of my pendants and necklaces are reversible.  Comfort is another thing I take into consideration, rings are smooth inside and earrings are lightweight.

Many of my pieces incorporate authentic, primitive scripts and hieroglyphics. I make my own texturing sheets (based from drawings and collage). I patina (darken) all of my work to cause those textures to really stand out. 

Pieces with gold are created by using an ancient, Asian metalworking technique called Keum-boo, where 24k gold foil bonds to pure silver through heat and pressure.